Chambara is a BAFTA award-winning, first-person stealth deathmatch game published by USC Games in July 2016. 

For the year leading up to release, I served as a level designer with heavy influence 6 of our multiplayer maps: Festival, Neon City, Mono-Ha, Mine, Mansion, and Shipping Yard, each visible in more detail in this portfolio.
Included in this section is my level design supercut with gameplay on each level, as well as individual screenshots and insight towards their intended designs.
This map has vulnerable, high buildings in the center and highly camouflage-able corners that promotes clock-like, circular hide and seek gameplay. 
Neon City:
While all Chambara multiplayer maps create the illusion of hiding in shadow, Neon City is this experience intensified. The buildings in Neon City are taller than average structures, and cast long, camouflaging shadows to play in and around.
Mono-Ha was designed to have more open space, and therefore potential vulnerability, but to also have large swaths of space for both players to be undetectable from above, avoiding too big of an advantage for recently-spawned players. 
Mine was designed to be one of our more advanced multiplayer maps. Readability is intentionally less clear, and there's a lot of potential vertical movement compared to some of the other simpler maps. For improved clarity for this map in particular, below is an image rendered out of engine:

Mansion is another of our maps intended for higher level gameplay. Its layout is very simple. But the spawn-points with close proximity, as well as less objects to frame perspective, creates fast-paced, frenetic gameplay. This particular level is favored by developers as well as veteran Chambara players. 
Shipping Yard:
Shipping Yard is my personal favorite of. Most of our maps have spawn areas that don't see much actual fighting, but this map's spawn areas can be utilized as an 'upper ring' of combat not found in all of our maps. 
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