This is Icecap: one of the multiplayer maps I created for Polyseum, the USC advanced game project on which I served as a Level Designer, 3D artist and animator for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Icecap was designed as our Capture Point game mode map. It is a larger environment with multiple vertical levels, creating emphasis on team mobility and response time in order to win. 
The bottom capture point, located in the underbelly of the central pool-point.
Three ramps in front of each player spawn, running up leads to the pool capture point and down leads to the underbelly.
The hill point, located across two long ramps from the central pool. Getting to and from the hill quickly requires a well-placed dash or using the launch pads placed around the map.
Another overview of the map. Visible in the distance on the left is the Tower capture point, accessible through dash or via a series of launchpads--it's height and vicinity make it a dangerous place for high-kill potential weaponry.
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